My name is Kennisha Fisher and I am tasked with the important job of preserving memories. Every day we live only leaves behind the portraits we took of it. Some with our minds, some with our hearts, and luckily some with a camera. 

   As a mom, wife, human, and photographer, I have learned the importance of the moment. Babies do not keep, honeymoons aren’t forever, and people return to the dust. My life’s work is to help you remember how it all happened. 

   My husband Jason and I reside in Louisville, Kentucky with our five sons and dog. I am an extreme extrovert, a peacock by nature, and hospitable on all fronts. I run with a Canon camera, mostly because Nikon’s shutter sound makes me a little nauseous. I am really great with babies and small children and have a deep despise of the taste of coffee. 

  My goal is to get to know you as a person and value what you value. The desire of my heart is to live far beyond however many years I breathe on earth. I plan to do that in the images placed on mantles, hung on walls, and tucked in albums. The images that make you go “I remember..”

About Once Upon A Flash

Once Upon A Flash Photography is owned and operated in Louisville, Kentucky by Kennisha Fisher. Specializing in newborn and children’s boutique portraiture,

OUAF knows you have a unique, beautiful story. Our desire is to tell it with you. Maternity, newborn, children, families.


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