Looking forward to your session with Once Upon a Flash? Me too! Here is some information about how to prepare for your family’s holiday photoshoot and some answers to a lot of popular questions. Let’s make this a perfect experience!

Star Bright set up

COVID-19 Precautions

It is best to arrive about ten minutes before your scheduled start time so that you can be ready to go. I ask all clients to send me a text message to let me know they have arrived. Wait for a response to come inside.
I ask that everyone three and older have their masks on entering the studio. You will be able to take them off during your session. I ask that you be mindful to put them on whenever you are not actively in images.

During your early arrival time while in your vehicle, feel free to change
little ones into outfits, check hair and faces, and any last minute prep steps. If anyone in your family shows any signs of feeling ill or sickness, or if you have been in contact with someone who has shown viral symptoms or tested positive for COVID-19, PLEASE contact me immediately to grab one of the weekday reschedule spots after a negative tests or you have been symptom-free for five days. Thank you for helping keep everyone safe.

Set up Options

This year, I have a few different setups to choose from. Included in your booking confirmation email, I am sending out a link with a questionnaire asking clients to select their setup preference.

Session Prep

Family and children’s sessions are a great way to capture your family’s unique relationship and each member’s personality and mark a milestone forever. One of the things I ask of everyone is to try and make the few hours leading up to the session as stress free as possible. If you have a kiddo that isn’t totally looking forward to it or comes in a little hesitant, a pouting teen with better things to do, or a partner who definitely showed up so they won’t get fined, allow me to soften them a bit. No need to put any pressure on them.

Holiday Kitchen set up
Holiday Kitchen Set Up

Make sure bellies are full and clothes are comfy, even if just for the ride over. I have convinced numerous little ones to wear the new shoes or vest
that I think looks “so cool” even though five minutes ago it was the worst idea in the world. Either way, don’t stress. My goal is to show genuine emotion. We will get great images if our focus is on having a great time and enjoying the experience.

Check faces and noses when you arrive and get everyone all cleaned up as best you can to keep editing to a minimum. Editing things that can be fixed in real life takes a lot of time so it’s best to photoshop in real life. Scratches and bruises are fixed as always!

Family Storytime setup

I tend to act really silly as the shoot goes on with little ones so don’t be too hard on them if they try to get as silly as me. I promise I will help reel it all in to make your images look amazing. While appropriate behavior is expected, I am a little lenient on discipline during the session, just to try and garnish great smiles.


The popular question is “When will we get our images?”

My goal is to have your proof images sent to you within three days. Once you have that proof gallery, the sooner you make your selections, the sooner you get back your edited images. It takes me an additional 3-5 days to edit your proofs so please factor in that time.

When you get your final gallery of your selections, there will be instructions for ordering them directly from online. Christmas cards are available directly from your gallery using your images. Your session comes with your first five digitals complimentary, but you are welcome to order as many as you like. They download into your computer at high resolution, and are ready to print up to the largest canvas size if you want.

I look forward to making your experience amazing!

Star Bright set up

All Holiday Sessions for 2020 are completely SOLD OUT, but you can always contact me to check my availability for newborn sessions.


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