Once Upon a Flash Upgrades

Because an upgrade is always a win. Once Upon a Flash got a shiny new style at the top of 2021. That year which shall not be named took a lot out of us, and made me evaluate what I wanted your experience to really be like going forward. Join me as I walk you through all the Once Upon a Flash experience upgrades and what to expect for your next portrait session.

Taking care of clients has always been my top priority. I learned that I wasn’t carrying that attentiveness to the final, most important steps; displaying your family’s memories as art.

Now, your art that you love and treasure is 100% ready to show off, enjoy, and share right out the door. As I so gratefully welcome returning clients, I wanted to let you in on the new and improved workflow that will make your memories even more magnificent. Check it out!

Lux Wall Art Groupings

Introducing a new art product option to display your most precious images. Wall art groupings have been expertly selected to assist in the visualization of your fine art in your family’s space.

Canvas prints are hand-made straight from my professional lab and acrylic prints are built from high quality, 0.25” thick acrylic sheets. Both fine art products are built to last a lifetime and will showcase your memories beautifully for years to come.

More Investment Info

For a more detailed walkthrough of the Once Upon a Flash experience upgrades and art product pricing, please visit my Investment Guide page.

kennisha fisher, louisville photographer

Meet the Photographer

My name is Kennisha Fisher and I am tasked with the important job of preserving memories. Every day we live only leaves behind the portraits we took of it. Some with our minds, our hearts, and luckily some with a camera.

As a mom, wife, human, and photographer, I have learned the importance of the moment. Babies do not keep, honeymoons aren’t forever, and people return to the dust. My life’s work is to help you remember how it all happened.

My goal is to get to know you as a person and value what you value. The desire of my heart is to live far beyond however many years I breathe on earth. I plan to live on through the images placed on mantles, hung on walls, and tucked in albums. The images that make you go “I remember..”


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